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Legal Fee for Corporation or LLC Formation

Our fees are $500.00 to form either a New York or New Jersey corporation or professional corporation. This is a flat rate that includes the state filing fees, obtaining your Employer Identification Number (EIN), and a consultation with a lawyer.

Our fees to form a New Jersey LLC is $500.00. The legal fee to form a New York LLC is also $500.00 plus the additional newspaper publication fees which vary depending on the county where the business is located. Newspaper publication and an Operating Agreement are required for all New York LLC's. We charge a flat rate of $500.00 for a one-member Operating Agreement for a New York LLC. Therefore, the total rate is $1,000.00 plus the newspaper publication fees. The rate is the same for PLLC's in New York.

Do not be fooled by other companies that fail to disclose the full schedule of fees to you in advance. Many will simply quote you $500.00, but fail to disclose that you need an Operating Agreement and to publish your New York LLC. We explain the fees in detail to all clients in advance.