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Business Dissolution

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Dissolution is a formal process that legally ends your business. Sometimes a court may force your business to dissolve by issuing a dissolution proclamation but, in most cases, shutting down your business or corporation is up to you and the company’s shareholders.

In the state of New York, you can dissolve your business by a shareholder vote, a written approval from shareholders to dissolve the business, or by dissolving it at the will of one shareholder, should your certificate of incorporation allow you to do so. However, before taking any measures to formally close down your company, you will need help creating an exit strategy and ensuring all your legal ducks are in a row. That’s where the Alba Law Firm comes in.

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Because we know that closing down a business can occur for any number of reasons, our business law attorneys are prepared to help provide legal service that is uniquely tailored to the circumstances of your business’ dissolution. At the Alba Law Firm, we can help you address even the most complicated aspects of dissolving your business, including (but not limited to):

  • Obtaining consent to dissolve
  • Filing a certificate of dissolution with the state of New York
  • Reviewing and ensuring adherence to the terms of the company’s operating agreement
  • Negotiating mergers and acquisitions
  • Obtaining tax clearance

These are just a few of the ways our business lawyers can serve you during the dissolution of your business. We can also help you create a strategy for winding down the various aspects of your business and ensure you are above legal reproach in terms of compensating employees, transferring titles (if applicable), and so on.

Resolving Business Disputes

Sometimes disputes between shareholders can create conflicts that seem impossible. However, until your business is officially dissolved, there is a chance that mediation could be a helpful alternative and potentially keep your business up and running. If you are experiencing a conflict among shareholders or another issue that is threatening the future of your business, don’t close up shop just yet. Our business lawyers at the Alba Law Firm will do everything possible to help dissenting shareholders come to an agreement and work to protect the business you have helped build.

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Whether you are considering closing down your business or are working to avoid it, we can help. Our New York City business lawyers are prepared to help you hash out an exit strategy, any shareholder conflicts, and even the most complicated aspects of winding down your corporation. Don’t make the mistake of dissolving your business alone or attempting to resolve a threatening shareholder conflict without proper legal assistance. Instead, let us provide the competent legal support you need.

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