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Immigration Deportation

Tough Immigration and Deportation Defense in New York City

New York is a city of immigrants, and people of a wide variety of professions, income levels, personal histories, and national origins. Ethnic diversity is one of the many things that makes our community unique, and our team at the Alba Law Firm is proud to serve and defend immigrants and their families.

If you or a loved one is under threat of deportation, you may be confused, worried, or unsure what to do. Regardless of the reasons behind your immigration conflict, it is essential to secure legal representation as soon as possible.

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Common Crimes that Can Result in Deportation

There are a number of reasons you may face the possibility of being deported. Many of them typically involve crimes or allegations of criminal activity, including (but not limited to):

  • Drug crimes: Possession, sale, or intent to sell illegal drugs, etc.
  • Violent crimes: Domestic violence, assault, battery, stalking, etc.
  • Sex crimes: Rape, molestation, sexual abuse, endangerment of a minor, etc.
  • Crimes involving weapons: Illegal possession of a firearm, threatening another person with a gun, etc.
  • Theft crimes: Grand theft auto, petit theft, etc.
  • Fraud crimes: Using a fake I.D., engaging in identity theft, committing passport fraud, etc.

If you are an immigrant and are accused of any of the above crimes while in the United States on a visa, your ability to remain in the country may be in jeopardy, even on the basis of mere allegations. As soon as you are arrested or find out you are suspected of committing a crime, contact a New York City immigration lawyer right away for help.

The Alba Law Firm Is Prepared to Defend Your Rights

As experienced immigration lawyers, we know what it takes to ensure you are treated fairly and keep you from being stepped on by immigration authorities. If you are already involved the process of removal, get in touch with a member of our legal team today and let us begin working to keep you here. There are a number of different ways we may be able to postpone or prevent your deportation, including:

  • Appealing to have your status adjusted
  • Requesting defensive asylum or refugee status
  • Requesting issuance of immigration waivers

Depending on your case, your current immigration status, and your reasons for staying in the United States, there may be other options available to you. Regardless of your circumstances regarding status, income, or criminal history, it is important to ensure you have qualified legal help when facing the threat of deportation. At the Alba Law Firm, we work hard to make sure everyone is given a fair shot at being allowed to work, live, and remain in the United States.

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