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With today’s technological advancements and ongoing developments in methods, equipment, designs, and products across all industries, intellectual property has never been more valuable. A company may succeed or fail based on its works and inventions. As such, any infringement upon intellectual property rights, exposure of trade secrets, or unauthorized duplication of patented methods or devices can provide grounds for legal action.

Alba Law Firm competently handles both sides of intellectual property litigation, representing individuals and businesses accused of or subjected to copyrights, trademark, trade secret, or patent violations. As a New York City business law attorney with over a decade of experience in this complex field, Ana B. Alba is committed to providing innovative solutions and aggressive legal representation in all areas of intellectual property litigation. She and the rest of our team are prepared to protect your interests both inside and outside of the courtroom.

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Understanding the True Value of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property may be generally described as any product of the mind that can be protected, by law, from unauthorized use by others. An invention, manuscript, design, or other work or invention that is the product of creativity can be protected by a copyright, trademark, patent, etc. to prevent others from duplicating it for personal gain. In many cases, intellectual property can be far more valuable than tangible assets. Intellectual property can present considerable opportunity for financial gain well into the future.

The following are examples of intellectual property:

  • Copyrights, including songs, photos, videos, sculptures, audio recordings, and paintings.
  • Patents for inventions, including machines, production methods, business methods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, software, tools, and equipment.
  • Trademarks, including symbols, colors, sounds, words, or phrases that are used in connection with a service or product.
  • Trade secrets, which include information a business uses that is kept secret and is therefore of value due to its secrecy.
  • Right of publicity, which pertains to how one’s likeness, name, or image may be used to promote a service or product.

Its immediate and long-term worth makes intellectual property the source of highly contested disputes and litigation. With a New York City business law attorney by your side, however, you can feel confident that your interests will be presented and protected to the fullest extent of the law.

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