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Breach of Contract Claims

Breach of contract is the primary force behind the majority of business disputes. If a party to a contract fails to uphold his or her obligations as outlined in that agreement, this may be considered a breach. The wronged party may be able to take legal action to make sure the contract is duly enforced. Depending on the circumstances, a person or business entity that has suffered losses as the result of a breach of contract may be able to pursue compensatory damages. The at-fault party can be held liable, or legally responsible, for righting the wrong through monetary compensation or other appropriate measures.

If you have been accused of a breach of contract or have been wronged due to a contract breach by another party, Alba Law Firm can help. A skilled New York City business law attorney at our firm can talk to you about what occurred and can identify the most effective course of action to defend your interests or seek justice on your behalf. With our experience in commercial and business litigation, we can accurately determine enforceability and identify breaches to protect our clients’ rights. We represent individuals and businesses across New York and New Jersey from offices in Lower Manhattan and Newark.

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Contract Enforceability & Breach of Contract Disputes

When it comes to a breach of contract dispute, one of the key issues at hand will be the enforceability of the contract itself. Is it legally sound? If so, how was the contract breached? Did the breach cause quantifiable harm to the other party? From written contracts to handshake agreements, we at Alba Law Firm have seen it all. We understand enforceability issues and how to properly identify and expose breaches to help our clients seek justice. We also know how to build aggressive defense strategies against alleged breaches through meticulous preparation and investigation.

A New York City business law lawyer at our firm can help with disputes involving:

  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Real estate contracts and agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Property and equipment leases
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Security agreements
  • Bills of sale and purchase orders
  • Indemnity agreements

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