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New York City Consumer Debt Collection Defense Lawyer

Helping Consumers Facing Credit Card Lawsuits

As a consumer, it is easy to get caught up in credit card debt. Credit card companies often entice borrowers with no or low-interest rate offers, only to impose excessive rates when introductory periods are over. Deceptive and downright illegal lending practices can leave debtors facing collection lawsuits, wage garnishment, or property seizure. Outstanding debt is stressful enough to face, and legal action only makes matters worse.

If you are facing a debt collection lawsuit, you need an experienced professional on your side. The credit card company is not going to try to help you. They want your money, make no mistake about it. Now is the time to involve an attorney who can protect your rights as a consumer through debt collection proceedings. Now is the time to contact a New York City consumer debt collection defense lawyer at Alba Law Firm.

For over a decade, our firm has been representing consumers in New York and New Jersey in the face of credit card and other debt collection lawsuits. We know the stress you are dealing with and want to offer support and guidance in your time of need.

To learn more, call 1-212-859-5080. We can provide immediate relief by explaining your rights, reviewing your options, and taking over all communication with the credit card company.

When to Involve an Attorney

If you have found yourself in any of the following situations, it is time to call an attorney:

  • You have been sued by a creditor.
  • Your bank account has been frozen or your wages garnished.
  • You have been contacted by a law firm regarding your credit card or other debt.
  • You were deceived or mislead by a creditor or debt collector.
  • You have been the victim of constant contact or harassment by a debt collector.

At Alba Law Firm, our consumer debt collection defense practice is focused on two key objectives. The first is building an aggressive defense against debt collection lawsuits. The second is the pursuit of financial compensation for any violations of your rights that may have occurred in connection with the lawsuit or debt collection efforts by the creditor. If your rights were violated and you were subjected to unfair lending practices, we can help you recover the money you lost.

To learn more about credit card lawsuits and how an NYC debt collection defense attorney can help, call Alba Law Firm at 1-212-859-5080.

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