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Preliminary Injunctions for NYC Businesses

New York City Business Law Attorney

When it comes to intellectual property infringement and contract violations, immediate action may be required to prevent considerable, irreparable damage. A preliminary injunction can provide instant relief against a breach of contract, copyright infringement, trademark violation, or other similar situation that threatens a business and its products. Instead of waiting for a lawsuit to be filed and your case to be heard, a preliminary injunction will force the other party to do or not to do something based on your grievances.

Once a trade secret is out, there is no going back. In this and other scenarios where time is of the essence, a preliminary injunction is a powerful tool that can save you and your company from suffering catastrophic harm. If you believe you are in need of a preliminary injunction, a New York City business lawyer at Alba Law Firm can help. We can talk to you about the violation or breach and how a temporary injunction can prevent further harm.

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Obtaining a Preliminary Injunction in New York

The court will look at the following issues in determining whether to issue a preliminary injunction:

  • Would issuing or failing to issue an injunction cause considerable hardship to either party?
  • Can the issue at hand be resolved through financial compensation or at a later date, or is immediate action required?
  • Does the party requesting the injunction have a viable chance of winning the case?
  • Will the preliminary injunction affect the general public? If so, how?
  • Will failing to grant the injunction cause irreparable harm?

Courts may be reluctant to grant preliminary injunctions unless there is sufficient evidence to warrant such dramatic legal action. Your NYC business law attorney will need to understand how to present your case to the court in such a way as to persuade the judge that a preliminary injunction is necessary. Or, if another party is attempting to file a preliminary injunction against you or your company, your attorney will need to show that such an injunction is unnecessary. Hearings for preliminary injunctions are attended by both parties, making it important to build a strong case that cannot be undermined by the other party.

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